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2016-07-27 15.05.15

Doing Family Therapy: Craft and Creativity in Clinical Practice

This book, now in its third edition, has received good press over the years and is used by a number of graduate programs in psychology, counseling, and social work in US and 13 foreign countries. It has been translated into Chinese and Portuguese. It is available through Guilford Publications, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, etc.

Doing Couples Therapy: Craft & Creativity in Work with Intimate Partners

Yes, it sounds like a sequel, now in its second edition. What this book has in common with DFT is that provides a basic therapeutic framework while encouraging the development of the clinician’s own style and approach. Everything you need to know to help couples improve their relationships and lives. Available on-line through Guilford, Amazon.

Clinical Supervision: A Four-Stage Process of Discovery and Growth

This book describes unique developmental approach to clinical supervision. The premise of the book is that if supervision is to be truly helpful it needs to change to adapt to the naturally changing needs of the supervisee. Information on parallel process, ethical dangers, goals, strategies, and techniques. Like the other books it is based on the practical and pragmatic. Originally published by Families International. Contact Bob directly if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

Clinical Social Work Supervision

This book, published by Pearson Education, presents my developmental model of supervision along with practical information on managing day-to-day problems and practice. While social work is in the title, the book covers all the key areas of supervision for those working in agency / group practice-type settings. Because it was particularly designed for those graduate programs, it also includes a teacher’s manual and videos. Available through Pearson and Amazon.

Boot Camp Therapy: Action-Oriented Brief Clinical Approaches to Anxiety, Anger & Depression

This book is what it says -- a clinical guide to addressing anxiety, anger, and depression from a brief, behavioral perspective. The text walks readers step-by-step through opening therapy sessions, and provides clear models of treatment.

Unlike solution focused brief therapies, the Boot Camp approach also tackles an individual’s core dynamics -- the individual’s learned childhood coping strategies -- and describes specific ways of upgrading, expanding and making these strategies effective for long-term change and success. Available from Norton, Amazon.

The Art of the First Session

First sessions are crucial for the therapist and client alike. It’s about clarifying expectations, making assessments, providing an overall plan. A practical guide for making it successful. Available through Amazon & Norton.

Brief Therapy with Couples & Families in Crisis

These can be among the most difficult of challenges for therapists and the couples and families struggling. Step-by-step guide for helping clinicians put out the emotional fire and help move clients forward. Available through Amazon & Routledge.