Trainings & Workshops

Bob offers a number of workshops and trainings nationally for mental health providers, as well as those working in agency and corporate management. All of his workshops are interactive and high energy, with humor and practical application. Role plays and live client interviews are always welcomed.

Here are some of Bob’s trainings:

Clinical Supervision: A Comprehensive Framework

This workshop covers Bob’s 4 Stage Model of clinical supervision. Like the premise of the book, good supervisors need to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of those they supervise. Like other developmental models, knowing what to expect as the clinician naturally grows and develops helps anticipate the road ahead. This workshop also covers the practical aspects of supervision -- the hiring and firing, the management of the disgruntled or poorly performing supervisee, the use of group supervision, the challenges of the new supervisor, and the ethical dangers common to each stage.

Advanced Clinical Supervision

While the Four Stage Model workshop focuses on the basic concepts and practices of supervision, this workshop goes deeper into the process -- what do you actually do in a supervisory session, how do you assess the skills and needs of a clinician, how do run a supervision group or do live observations? There is also a larger discussion of ethics and liability issues and extensive role plays.

Supervisors as Managers: Essential Concepts & Skills

While many supervisors are trained in the clinical aspects of their work, they often lack training on the real day-to-day management challenges of their jobs. This is the focus of this workshop -- strategic planning, staff development, handling budgets, hiring and firing and everything in-between.

Families in Crisis: Strategies for Defusing, Defining & Problem-Solving

From opening session to termination, goals and techniques, dealing with difficult cases, play therapy and parenting. This workshop covers the 6 most common types of families, describes how to change dysfunctional patterns and the emotional climate, and provides the practical skills you need to feel confident and successful.

Couple Therapy: Everything You’ve Wanted to Know

Couple therapy is different from other types of therapy, and can be difficult to do well. With family therapy your role is often more of a traffic cop, making sure communication keeps flowing, not get derailed or stalled. Unlike the intimacy of individual therapy, couple therapy finds you part of an awkward triangle. This workshop combines a system-oriented and developmental approach to improving communication, uncovering the cord dynamic and resolving emotional wounds, and helping couples see each other as a team who together create a vision of their lives.

Defiant & Depressed: Treatment of Children & Teens

This workshop covers the various diagnoses and problems that children and teens are prone towards -- ADHD, ODD, conduct disorder, attachment disorder, depression / anxiety, eating disorders. The approach covers goals, strategies, and techniques through family therapy, play therapy, parent coaching, and individual therapy, as well as coordination with schools and other community agencies. As with the other workshops, there are plenty of practical skills and case examples.

Therapy Boot Camp: Brief Treatment of Anxiety & Depression

Short-term therapy is no longer just a clinical model but increasingly a necessary approach to therapy services. It’s about interaction and direction, behavior, action, breaking patterns, doing it different. It’s more Dr. Phil and less Dr. Freud. In this workshop we discuss how to think short-term and present treatment models of depression and anxiety.

Therapy Boot Camp: Brief Treatment of Couples & Families

This workshop covers both the skills and techniques of effective brief therapy, as well as provides treatment strategies for the most common problems. Demonstrations of various techniques, extensive deconstruction of videos and role plays.

Everything You Need to Know About AD/HD

Procrastination, under-performance and unfinished tasks, lost gloves and forgotten books, high-risk behaviors and emotional ups and downs -- these are just some of the symptoms we associate with AD/HD. This training covers all the latest research on AD/HD, how to coach parents, kids, and adults on better ways of managing these symptoms, and how to tease out and address the frequently co-occurring disorders.

The Tao of Improv

Your true creativity often lies just outside your comfort zone. This fun workshop is filled with Improv games and exercises that help you experiment with risktaking, letting go of control, learning to live in the present, and working together as a team. This is an excellent workshop for team building and experiential learning that explores the application of the rules of comedy improv to everyday life and clinical practice.

Customized Trainings

If none of these quite fit the bill, Bob is able to create a training to suit your particular concerns, goals, and staff needs (no quantum physics or string theory please). Contact Bob to discuss.